I recently had my carpets cleaned by Curtice Chemdry.

Maintaining a clean home can be very difficult and highly time consuming. I am always amazed after spending hours cleaning my home that it seems to get dirty again by the end of the day. You would think that I would have learned by now how to make my hard work last for longer than a day, but I haven’t quite figured that out. The majority of my home has hard wood floors or tile but the bedrooms have carpeted floors. Although I definitely prefer the hard wood because it is so much easier for me to clean, having carpet in the bedrooms is nice. I do my best to keep the carpets clean and looking nice but anyone who has ever lived in a place with carpet can tell you that no matter what you do eventually you will stain your carpet. It seems like regardless of how often I clean my carpets myself there always comes a point where I decide to have them professionally cleaned.

Recently I went out of town for a day and left my teenage son at home by himself. He knows that he is not supposed to eat in his bedroom but since I was gone he  decided to do that anyway. A couple of hours after I left I got a call from my son and he told me that he had broken the rules and was eating in his room and spilled on the carpet. I couldn’t be mad at him because he sounded like he felt really bad. He said that he had tried to clean up the mess but that the food had stained the carpet and he couldn’t get it out. I was definitely annoyed but I appreciated the fact that he had tried to fix his mess and when he couldn’t do it he called me to tell me. I told him not to worry about it and that we would deal with it when I got home. The next day when I arrived home he showed me where the stain was and I saw that it wasn’t something I would be able to get out either. The stain came at a good time because I had been considered having the carpets professionally cleaned anyway. The stain in my son’s bedroom gave me the push I needed to schedule an appointment.

rug cleanerI called Curtice Chemdry to schedule an appointment for a professional carpet cleaning. They were able to send someone out later that week and gave me an estimate for how much it would cost to clean all of the carpets in the house. Having a professional carpet cleaning can be expensive but the price they quoted me was manageable for my budget. They were even able to use a rug cleaner to clean the rugs in the living room! I was very happy with the results once everything was finished. The rugs and carpet looked brand new and they were able to get the food stain out of the carpet in my son’s room!

How General Steel Changed My Life

Hi everyone, welcome. I’m Captain Obvious and today we’re going to be talking about the most sensible way to build in today’s ever-changing world. Ok, let’s talk about traditional construction and why building with wood, would obviously be a bad choice. First of all, wood burns and by no means is flame retardant. It’s downright combustible in fact, so why would you want to build your home, business, community recreational center or church out of something like that? And, a church specifically? That sounds like blasphemy to build using something that could go up in flames and project the wrong kind of symbolism for someone at the wrong time in their life. I think it’s about time we start to think a little differently and look at the obvious facts before us when it comes to building materials these days. Everyone’s talking about and thinking green, shouldn’t we be building with the same kind of thoughts and intentions in mind? How about building with something that is 100% recyclable? You’d be surprised to hear that over 60% of the buildings I’m talking about were indeed built out of recycled material. Believe it or not, I’m talking about steel. Now, it’s obvious that steel is stronger than wood, but is it obvious that most of the steel buildings you’ve seen were built out of 100% recycled steel? Not so obvious, not even for Captain Obvious until I got the facts. Steel buildings are strong, sturdy and can be used for a variety of different things, they can even be broken down and scrapped to make other steel buildings.

If you’re not a general contractor then you might not know, but you can only span so many feet with wooden beams and trusses without having to use floor to ceiling structural support. Many building applications require that the space beneath the roof of the building be completely open, without supports of any kind cluttering the space and getting in the way. Industrial and commercial needs for a steel building are obvious, but no so much are the potential residential applications. No one ever thinks about it, especially Captain Obvious. Prefabricated steel and metal buildings come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, so no matter what you’re looking for, you should be able to find one to accommodate your company’s needs or the company you have visiting from California. You might not want a prefabricated steel building for a home, but you could always look into building with steel. Keep in mind, that you can always build your interior out of the same kinds of materials you’re used to seeing in traditional homes. Steel also has reflective properties, so it does a good job of keeping heat out during the summer months and keeping it in during the winter. That’s saves you money on heating and air conditioning. So, if you can make a steel building livable and you could enjoy all the comforts of home while living in an energy efficient manner, isn’t it obvious that steel is the way to go?

SSL certificates are helpful with security issues.

SSL certificates have been in the news recently due to a breach in the Internet Explorer application, which allowed for people to view different webpages.  I do not think that many people were aware of it and it was actually found by a programmer that works for one of the good sides.  He was quickly able to patch everything up, but it just goes to show that you never know where those internet vulnerabilities are going to show.  One of the things to keep in mind is that we are still trying to figure out this whole internet thing.  We truly have no idea how big the internet is and much like the universe, it continues to grow and grow.  One of the things that I think will be really interesting is when we reach the point in time called singularity when the internet and computers are smarter and more able than people.  If this time ever does come, I think that it could be very instrumental in the future course of the whole.  I also hope that it will yield some technologies that allow for us to fully implement measures to help humanity.  Nevertheless, this is a long time away and we are currently more focused on building the internet.

ssl certificatesThe infrastructure of the internet is a very interesting thing.  We have come a long way from the periods of time during which the internet was still being figured out as to how to communicate from one party to another.  We now know that many of these technologies have progressed – from chat rooms to the ubiquity email – the internet has changed completely.  We are able to see another one of these changes when it comes to domain names. Domain names have been around for a very long time and they act as the address to insert in the address bar, so that you can go to a website.  They all vary – some are long, some are short – for the most part though, they are followed by .com, .net, .org, and now sometimes .tv.  Each country also has their own tags, for example websites coming out of the United Kingdom will have .co.uk as the suffix.  This is about to change because several of the companies that are somewhat responsible for websites have stated that they want to open up the sites that are available.  Soon we will find websites that have suffixes with which we are unfamiliar.  These suffixes will be focuses around making sure that the website pertains to the suffix itself.   For example, all of the sites that feature porn will have the suffix .xxx.  This will be helpful for parents as they will not have to try and discern the meaning of certain domain names.  It will also help these websites build their following and a clear brand identity across multiple platforms.  This is the direction in which we are moving.  It will be very interesting to see how this progresses into the future of the internet.

Looking at beautiful Zook Bros. homes

While right now the possibility of buying some sort of luxury home or mini mansion is still a little bit far off with how bad we were hit after the financial crisis, it is still one of my dreams for when we get back on our feet a little bit more. I spend a decent amount of my time some weeks looking around online at different luxury homes to see if there is anything in particular that I find that I like or even just to get some ideas sometimes in case it ever ends up that I build my own luxury home instead of buying one that has already been built.

custom luxury homesThe most recent luxury home searching spree that I went on was looking at all of the luxury custom houses that Zook Bros. have built. I really like the homes that Zook Bros. build because they are amazingly beautiful both on the inside and the outside. On some of my favorite ones they also have a beautiful garden or other surrounding of the house. I really like the way that they often really work the custom luxury home around the landscape so that it gives the whole thing this kind of mystical feeling. Of course some of the custom luxury homes do not have that but I tend to be a little bit less fascinated by those homes. I guess everyone has different tastes.

The other reason that I have been looking at Zook Bros. in particular is that while even though sometimes I dream of living far off and interesting places, I am really not so sure that I would want to leave Colorado. While there are a few luxury home builders in Colorado, there are not really that many. I am not sure where exactly in Colorado I would want my custom luxury home built, I mean there are so many beautiful options in Colorado mostly depending on what kind of background I want- if I want my new custom luxury home high up in the remote mountains or sitting beside a calm and beautiful lake, in Colorado there are just so many options for beautiful landscape and settings. I think that is a lot of the reason that I love this state so much and would want to continue to live here. There are just not that many other states in the US that are as diverse and beautiful as Colorado is. And since I think that I would want to stay in Colorado it just makes sense to find a custom luxury home builder who is already working here so I would not have to pay an enormous fee on top of the costs of the house to have the designer and building team come out of the state that they are normally working in. Since I really like the designs that I have seen so far for Zook Bros. it makes perfect sense for me to just go ahead and probably hire them when I finally have everything figured out for when I can start to build my new beautiful luxury home.


How to Get Optimal Lawn Care

Listen here — taking care of a huge yard is basically impossible unless you have a few eager kids who want to do the job or you hire a landscaper for the job! It may look like an easy task when you go through large yards and you think, “Well, all you have to do is mow the lawn and trim a few trees and bushes.” Absolutely wrong!

I was one of those people who did think like that at some point, but it was a phase that left quickly after getting my own yard and having my own kind of issues going on! First, I bought a lawn mower that was a “push mower” (like the one in the picture) and man wasn’t that the hardest task in the world to do. It literally took me five hours to push mow my entire yard. Not to mention that I was hit with a few rocks and pebbles from the backlash of the blades hitting them. I had to go the hospital and it was just awful pain for the next few days as I healed from the rock-related wounds.

I was just like oh no! I need to get a landscaping company who can do this yard for me. I hadn’t even gotten around to clipping the bushes or trees, planting the flowers or even making the grass look decent regardless of my mowing attempts. I was angry (I mean, who wouldn’t be after all that grief!?). So I went with a Landscaping service I knew I could not only trust, but I knew they had the utilities necessary to make the entire adventure worthwhile.

The Results of My Landscaping Company

Yes, I hired a landscaping company and now I have the most beautiful lawn in history. I don’t care what anyone says, but I know my yard looks immaculate! And honestly, it had nothing to do with me or my attempts at trying to having the lawn of my dreams. The landscapers knew what they were doing and had that beautiful horizontal cut line that makes your grass look lush and multicolored. And then they trimmed all the trees and bushes and had the old house looking brand new again!

It is amazing how easily landscaping can make your home go from a 5 to a 10 in just a short few hours. The landscaping company will come every week now and make sure that they do the work that I ask from them. I have my own gardener from the company as well, which means that my yard will be sprouting new flowers soon! I am so excited that I can barely wait for it! It will be an amazing experience for me and I recommend anyone, including you, to look into a landscaper who can do the job for you the way mine did for me!

You have the option to have your yard look immaculate when you put a little hard work and dedication into it.

These Young Punks Didn’t Know What It Was Like Before Live Leads

I really couldn’t think of the last time that I felt like this. It was like life was pulsating through me and pouring out of every pore of my body. Sometimes, you get hot but sometimes you get historically hot and that’s what I was right now. I always considered myself a decent salesman and I’ve learned a lot over the years, but doing what I’m doing right now in the twilight of my career is very surreal. It’s like being a Major League pitcher your whole career and then throwing your first no-hitter the year you plan to retire. Everyone around here called me Grandpa, but it was in jest and if anything, was out of respect. My sales manager did a good job of endearing me to all these young buck sales professionals by starting a monthly email campaign that he sent out to the whole sales floor, featuring an old saying that I’d been known to spout off on sales calls. I was a typical Midwest farm boy growing up and unbeknownst to me, I had some interesting things that I apparently was known for saying that people found hilarious. I guess I came up with sayings all the time as well, like recently I started saying, “bleed the leads boys, bleed the leads” when it was the end of the month and we were without new leads for a few days. Our lead generationlead generation system was designed to hold leads if the month ended on a weekend day, then when we came in on the 2nd or 3rd of the month, we had a bunch to work with. That’s how my historical month started, now I was trying to wrap it up and put a nice bow on this thing.

All the young turks around here don’t know what it means to work hard because they never have had to before in their lives. I guess things got so good since I was born, that kids stopped getting smacked by their parents and started talking back to their teachers. I could tell just by looking at some of these little, ungrateful, baby-faced salesman, which ones were worth a sniff, and which ones weren’t. Some of these kids had never faced any adversity before in their lives before they started working here. My sales manager put me in charge of sitting some of these guys down every now and then to tell them some things their Daddy should have told them a long time ago. You can’t be successful until you know what failure is, otherwise you have no frame of reference.  I converted business loan leads more consistently than anyone else because I was disciplined and I didn’t ever take a customer for granted. Where I come from, we squeezed our pennies like we squeezed our cheeks when we had to run to the bathroom, and we use to cold call strangers out of the phone book. Believe me, having to go back to a time where there were no live leads would be enough to bury me.

Dental care takes an intentional approach.

In terms of taking care of yourself, there are not a ton of things that allow for you to do it passively.  What I am talking about is that you can’t be automatically healthy by just eating and drinking whatever you want.  You have to be intentional with how you treat your body. The same goes for general dental care.  Although dental care is a bit different than eating and drinking, I would say that you have to do more than just the twice a day flossing and it also matters was you are eating and drinking.  Growing up in a household run by a dental hygienist, I have heard it all and I have actually tried to follow as many of those rules as possible.  Yes, I still do things that are not the best for my teeth.  It is now 2pm in the afternoon and I still haven’t brushed them, but all the same, I do think that I do a great job of taking care of my mouth.  I intend to continue to do so as well.  If you do not take care of your teeth when you are young, there are a lot of negative things that can happen.

dental careWhat we do know is that teeth are the first thing that most people see when they look at you.  This is a matter of fact.  As a result, I would highly recommend that you take care of your teeth.  This is important for both now and later.  When you think about negative things that could happen to you now, I think about the costs that are associated with filings and getting crowns.  This is different than if you just do a few things each day and you would be able to avoid the nastiness.  Nevertheless, if you do not choose to do things like brushing at least twice a day and floss at least once a day, you are putting yourself at risk.  The risk is that when you are older, you may have to get some kind of surgery to replace the teeth that are starting to rot out of your head.  One kind of oral surgery that you may require is dental implant surgery.  Dental implants are generally put in because someone has rotted out all of their teeth and as a result, they can no longer have them in their mouth due to the pain that it causes.  An oral surgeon then has to take out all of the teeth through extraction and bolt in some dentures.  It sounds to me like it would be incredibly painful.  I am not sure what that would be like, but I have to suppose that it would be awful.

The only surgery I ever had in my mouth was to get my wisdom teeth removed and that was bad enough.  I could not imagine a doctor trying to remove all of my teeth otherwise.  It would be incredibly painful and that pain would last for a considerable amount of time.


Start small and work your way up for great mountain climbing

If you are thinking and hoping to one day start adventuring to climb some of the worlds more challenging and adventurous peaks but think that right now you are not quite ready and still need some practice and training, the best way to get ready is to jump in and take an adventure course with AlpenGlow Expeditions. There are two different options for taking the first step in the climbing and ascending world. First, AlepenGlow has a number of different trekking trips around the world including in Nepal, Patagonia and Tanzania. These AlepenGlow Expeditions trekking trips do not require for you to have any experience climbing or trekking. Depending on the route and the difficulty the AMGA certified mountain guides will teach you the skills that you need to do in order to complete the adventure safely and effectively. While you do not need any particular skills, the Alpenglow Expeditions team does suggest that you are in good physical shape. If you would like more clarification on just how fit you should be for something like this you can get more information from the Alpenglow website. The team can also give you a suggested workout program to make sure that you are in good enough shape for the trip.

climb kilimanjaro The second possibility for novice climbers and ascenders is to check out one of Alpenglow Expedition’s many introductory climbs. For these trips again no technical climbing or altitude experience is necessary but for these trips it is extra important that you are in good physical condition. Those who go into a climb like this with health problems or who are not properly prepared can face some dangers. Climbers preparing for one of Alpenglow Expedition’s introductory climbs should at least be able to hike through a rugged terrain for many hours a day without problems. Again, if you are not exactly sure what degree of health standards any of the ascensions would require, you can get more information for each specific trek from the website or by sending in an inquiry to one of the Alpenglow Expeditions team members.

Once you feel comfortable knowing that you can easily handle the trekking and introductory trips you are ready so start building up your skills and resistance to start doing more and more difficult ascensions and be out on the mountain for longer and longer. While climbing mountains is not the most difficult thing in the world, it does require a lot of work to build up the amount of physical endurance and skills to be able to do the trip without being a danger to yourself or any of the other people on the ascension trip. It only takes one unprepared person to really bring down and endanger the whole team of ascenders, because of this, any ascension company including Alpenglow Expeditions will want to make sure that every participant is fully prepared and capable for the ascension so that everyone is able to have the great and enriching experience that they came there for. 

Blackhawk history and current community

Blackhawk is one of the least populated cities in the state of Colorado, but they have transformed themselves into a community that has a specific focus, casinos. While many people do not actually live in Blackhawk, only about one hundred of them, most people who come up are tourists on vacation and enjoying a fun night out on the town. There did not used to be much of the town, it was a mining town in the early 1800′s and then began to dwindle and barely hang on in the early part of the 1900′s. But more recently, the city of Blackhawk set themselves apart when they allowed casinos to be built in the town limits. Suddenly, there were hotels and restaurants, all manner of entertainment, and it all stemmed from the casinos and the allowing of gambling. People from Denver are often coming up into the mountain town for a night out of the city or a weekend away, and there is also a steady stream of folks who are vacationing from out of the state or farther away than Denver. It has really created a booming market for all types of restaurants and hotels, and all the different amenities that come with that whole industry. There are shops that sell trinkets and shops that sell specialty wines and high end consumer goods. There are great restaurants that service hundreds every night, turning a weekend away in Blackhawk into a culinary adventure. In remains to be seen exactly where the town will end up, but right now the amenities are growing and so is nearly every other option that is available up there.

Hotel rooms are often sold out, and the entertainment of shows and concerts are often sold out as well. It has been quite the turn around from such a small mining town in the Colorado rocky mountains, but they have really set out to make a name for themselves, and bring in as much revenue as possible in their industry and area. blackhawk entertainmentThey don’t have what some other mountain towns have here, like a river to raft or a high mountain peak to climb. But the residents of Blackhawk made the most of it, and ended up creating quite the get away for anyone who needs to get out of the city. The gambling and the casinos certainly bring in the most people, and that is where the revenue really comes from. But all the other services that are offered along with that are what keep people coming back. There are high rise hotels, great restaurant options, and enough to do that is not gambling to keep the rest of the family happy and satisfied while those who are interested are on the casino floor. It took some planning and a lot of work, but the town has survived from being a mining town so many years ago, to a major modern destination that it is today. There is nearly nothing that is needed for customers, as everything is right here.


The classes of water damage have a lot to do with how much extra work you will need to put into your restoration project.

http://www.restorationeze.comWater damage has a lot of different forms. It takes on a serious tone based on the levels of standing water and the speed with which one effectively removes both the standing and visible water and the water that is hidden behind the walls of the home and causing more serious long term damage than posing an immediate threat. On top of all of that, water contamination is measured in levels. If it is highly contaminated, this means that your risk of illness due to toxins and bacteria in the water is high, and an action step is required to make certain that you will not face long term health problems based on the water issues in addition to long term structural damage to your home. Additionally, water damage is identified in classes, and each class indicates a different level of water damage that you need to note and be aware of in order to take the appropriate action steps in your specific situation. A proper awareness will keep you from experiencing long term health and structural problems in your home.

One issue that you certainly will need to deal with is the Class of water damage. Any good water damage repair work will involve identifying the class of the water damage as a part of the repair process so that you will be able to take action quickly and decisively against the water damage. The varying classes of water damage indicate the water’s probable rates of evaporation within the area that has experienced the water damage. By determining the rate of evaporation, a water damage restoration expert will be better able to tackle the restoration project, as they will be well aware of the types of equipment they will need to bring with them to the work site and just how much structural drying will need to take place.

The first class of water damage is known, easily enough, as Class One Water Damage. This type of water damage has a slow rate of evaporation. In a scenario involving Class One Water Damage, one may find that only a portion of a room is damaged or experiencing water damage. In these cases, you also normally see that materials in the space have a low permeability, so the damage to these objects is low. This is the easiest type of water damage to handle. The second class of water damage- Class Two Water Damage- exhibits a faster rate of evaporation than the first. Water in these cases often affects an entire room of materials that soak up water quickly. In these cases, water may have even wicked up the walls, but usually no more than two feet. When you see an area exhibiting this amount of damage, you know that you will have to take action quickly to prevent further damage and long term problems. Class Three Water Damage is the type of water damage that exhibits the faster rate of evaporation. In these scenarios, you tend to see water coming in from overhead and therefore impacting an entire area, from the walls to the ceilings as well as the insulation and carpeting.