Maintaining a clean home can be very difficult and highly time consuming. I am always amazed after spending hours cleaning my home that it seems to get dirty again by the end of the day. You would think that I would have learned by now how to make my hard work last for longer than a day, but I haven’t quite figured that out. The majority of my home has hard wood floors or tile but the bedrooms have carpeted floors. Although I definitely prefer the hard wood because it is so much easier for me to clean, having carpet in the bedrooms is nice. I do my best to keep the carpets clean and looking nice but anyone who has ever lived in a place with carpet can tell you that no matter what you do eventually you will stain your carpet. It seems like regardless of how often I clean my carpets myself there always comes a point where I decide to have them professionally cleaned.

Recently I went out of town for a day and left my teenage son at home by himself. He knows that he is not supposed to eat in his bedroom but since I was gone he  decided to do that anyway. A couple of hours after I left I got a call from my son and he told me that he had broken the rules and was eating in his room and spilled on the carpet. I couldn’t be mad at him because he sounded like he felt really bad. He said that he had tried to clean up the mess but that the food had stained the carpet and he couldn’t get it out. I was definitely annoyed but I appreciated the fact that he had tried to fix his mess and when he couldn’t do it he called me to tell me. I told him not to worry about it and that we would deal with it when I got home. The next day when I arrived home he showed me where the stain was and I saw that it wasn’t something I would be able to get out either. The stain came at a good time because I had been considered having the carpets professionally cleaned anyway. The stain in my son’s bedroom gave me the push I needed to schedule an appointment.

rug cleanerI called Curtice Chemdry to schedule an appointment for a professional carpet cleaning. They were able to send someone out later that week and gave me an estimate for how much it would cost to clean all of the carpets in the house. Having a professional carpet cleaning can be expensive but the price they quoted me was manageable for my budget. They were even able to use a rug cleaner to clean the rugs in the living room! I was very happy with the results once everything was finished. The rugs and carpet looked brand new and they were able to get the food stain out of the carpet in my son’s room!