If you are thinking and hoping to one day start adventuring to climb some of the worlds more challenging and adventurous peaks but think that right now you are not quite ready and still need some practice and training, the best way to get ready is to jump in and take an adventure course with AlpenGlow Expeditions. There are two different options for taking the first step in the climbing and ascending world. First, AlepenGlow has a number of different trekking trips around the world including in Nepal, Patagonia and Tanzania. These AlepenGlow Expeditions trekking trips do not require for you to have any experience climbing or trekking. Depending on the route and the difficulty the AMGA certified mountain guides will teach you the skills that you need to do in order to complete the adventure safely and effectively. While you do not need any particular skills, the Alpenglow Expeditions team does suggest that you are in good physical shape. If you would like more clarification on just how fit you should be for something like this you can get more information from the Alpenglow website. The team can also give you a suggested workout program to make sure that you are in good enough shape for the trip.

climb kilimanjaro The second possibility for novice climbers and ascenders is to check out one of Alpenglow Expedition’s many introductory climbs. For these trips again no technical climbing or altitude experience is necessary but for these trips it is extra important that you are in good physical condition. Those who go into a climb like this with health problems or who are not properly prepared can face some dangers. Climbers preparing for one of Alpenglow Expedition’s introductory climbs should at least be able to hike through a rugged terrain for many hours a day without problems. Again, if you are not exactly sure what degree of health standards any of the ascensions would require, you can get more information for each specific trek from the website or by sending in an inquiry to one of the Alpenglow Expeditions team members.

Once you feel comfortable knowing that you can easily handle the trekking and introductory trips you are ready so start building up your skills and resistance to start doing more and more difficult ascensions and be out on the mountain for longer and longer. While climbing mountains is not the most difficult thing in the world, it does require a lot of work to build up the amount of physical endurance and skills to be able to do the trip without being a danger to yourself or any of the other people on the ascension trip. It only takes one unprepared person to really bring down and endanger the whole team of ascenders, because of this, any ascension company including Alpenglow Expeditions will want to make sure that every participant is fully prepared and capable for the ascension so that everyone is able to have the great and enriching experience that they came there for.